28 November 2006

Manicure Disaster!

Last weekend was fun.
A long-awaited mission of hour-long session of manicure and pedicure in an (expensive) salon was accomplished.

So the story begins a month back when there opened this particular salon right behind my house and I am very sure that my need for a pedicure arose more out of the fact that I had spotted a brand new swanky salon than the actual dirt particles bothering me.

But never mind, I guess that's not important.
What is, was the fact that there was this new salon called HFX (I liked the font too) screaming out to me every time I'd cross it.

So, after I had thoroughly convinced myself (over a period of two weeks) that I do need a pampering session, I finally headed to HFX,
a cute li'l thing that has opened in Bandra, next to Smokin' Joe next to Mocha's. *
*Okay, I'm bad with directions but we''ll come to that later in life sometime.

So finally I set out. Upon reaching I entered the salon, all kicked about the divine two-hour pampering session. As I entered, a not-so-salon-type-pretty woman behind the counter flashed a fake smile to me and asked what I wanted. "Yes maam?"

I wanted to tell her it's okay to not smile when you don't want to but instead I said, "Manicure & Pedicure."
She asked me have a seat until someone's free. (Yes, she actually said that! Huh!)
So I sighed and turned to sit, picking up the latest Cosmo on my way to the mini-lounge.

A little while later an (again not-so-pretty) attendant comes with a tray of wet towel and two glasses of packed mineral water and straws.

I pick one glass and go back to my mag.
Two minutes later I sense that I am being watched.
I look up to discover that she's still standing there, bent.
I look at her with a puzzled look.
She says, "Maam, straw?"
I tell her, Oh... I don't need it. (Do I?)" wondering what do I need it for anyway.
She gives me a confused look and walks away.
Now the parlor lady's eyes are fixated on me but the moment I look at her, again, out flashes that fake smile!

I think whatever, take my glass and try to open the foil, which just WOULDN'T TEAR! Finally, after five-minute struggle I manage, with a generous amount spilling on my kurta coz I press the plastic too hard in my efforts. I look up and again a frown converts into big fake smile and I swear I could have punched that woman!

Thankfully, I am offered some tissues quick, which I nearly snatch from the attendant’s hand. After wiping the soaked me and sure that she was cursing me for having dug my nails into her hand, I finally finish my water, more coz I think I was scared of spilling it again, in one huge gulp.
Five minutes later:

A tiny-skirt-high-boots chick walks in looking all exasperated, rattling off a never-ending list of things she needs to get done. Insisting that she doesn't have enough time, she sits beside me. Minutes later she too is offered the same tray.
I grin.
She picks up the water, picks a straw, pokes it into the foils, crosses her legs and sips the entire content of the glass in one go.
My grin dissapears like a puddle of water soaked by a tissue.
I promptly dig my head into my Cosmo... not missing to think What a Bitch!

After what seemed like eternity, I hear a voice calling my name and I thank my stars.

I go in and settle down. Finally, I think!
It’s fun until the manicure lady is doing my right hand coz when it comes to the left, she asks me to dip my hand into the bowl on my right. I reluctantly follow orders cursing the pain in my upper arm. After sometime, **she wants me to balance that bowl of water on my lap. Trust me it's not easy even when your feet are not being scrubbed in someone's lap. After half-an-hour of the balancing act she looks like she's done and I am happy to have that wretched bowl off me!

I do not feel exactly pampered but the worse was still to come.

I soon realise that she had not given me a French manicure. If you ask me why I could not see that earlier, I'll ask you to refer here **

I was about to say something to her but I suddenly noticed my feet . They looked like this!

And this...

The pedicure fellow had put RED nail paint and I just couldn't stop admiring them! Ah what Vanity!

Gleefully I glide out of the parlour forgetting about the manicure disaster and the pain in my wallet...

Verdit: Too expensive!

Ambience: 5/10
Staff Courtsey: 6/10 (They asked me for a drink about five times (!) & held my phone next to my ear when I need to talk.)
Skill: 6/10 (I'm not sure if they did a good job)
Monies: 500 bucks (bout 12$) for Manicure and Pedicure

This was my story. Here's another take on beauty treatments by one of my favourite bloggers Quilly.

24 November 2006

Why Venusberg?

Well this blog's been in my head for about a year now. Finally, I could put it together after so much time. The simple reason is because I miss my friends. Oh yes, I am stuck up :) I miss all of that silly girl-time with them. Shopping, gossiping, day-dreaming about good-looking men, dancing, bitching and a whole lot of madness!

This, and I hope it lives up to it, is intended to be little present for my friends who were, not very long ago, an inseperable part of my life. We've spent three awesome years together. Those three years make up the most precious of my memories. It was a three-year honeymoon - a journey, which I am glad came my way.

I met a LOT of wonderful people after I graduated but somewhere something was missing. I don't know about them but I would keep looking for a hint of my friends in whoever I met. Like i said, I admit, I was hung up, and how! Slowly and surely I realised that life will never be the same again. That those times will never come back no matter how hard I try. That nobody can freeze time in a fish bowl. It was hard to accept the fact but the realisation came with bittersweet feelings. I was sad but I was free :)

And now, even after so many years have passed: things have changed, life has changed but the only thing that hasn't is US 5 (Don't even ask!). This blog is so can share my life with my friends on a day-to-day regime. Needless to say, even after umpteen number of bygone seasons I still find myself at the same shore, waiting that may be life will be the same sometime!

This is for Priya, Smita and Rukmini... and all the other WONDERFUL women I know! Thanks!
And yes, just in case people are wondering about the long roll of 'men' on the side, I truly believe that our colours as women will not be half as brighter with men around. Good, and even horrible ones. I have met both kinds and they've surely helped me get in touch with the woman in me.

24 October 2006

Bugs at Work

Please wait up - the Venusbugs are working at a furious pace to get this up :)

08 September 2006

Venus Women

Mom – Coz she can put up with all of us and actually makes it look like fun! But seriously, I don’t think I can take anyone so for granted as Ma. She’s the only person I have such a love-hate relationship with. And yes, I have never met a younger person at heart!

Ruks – At the risk of sounding clichéd, she’s truly my soul mate. It’s not funny how life treats us exactly the same way! It’s sometimes crazy to have someone who feels just like you do. If I call her to talk about something that’s bothering me, chances are she’ll know it anyway! But wait; there are times I can’t stand her! That’s when her eyes gleam with that “Let’s Shop!” look. The lazy me simply dreads it! And also when she wants to travel 300miles back and forth to have that particular seafood!! Sorry Ruks, for all those times I have lied to you about shut seafood restaurants ;) But I must confess, I haven’t had a better Hot Chocolate Fudge since our times together!

Smiths – Watch out for this one people! With the cutest looks ever, IPS and Kiran Bedi is all what she dreams are made of. It’s rare to find a breed which even comes closer to Smiths’ mettle. Diligent and persistent like a mule and the funniest funniest bone in my body, Smiths is everyone’s sweetheart. With a brilliant taste in papajis herself (shoot me!) she is the only one who has truly liked ALL the men I have dated! :) And yes…She will be my ALL-TIME pick for a dancing partner – how she can crack up the dance floor! And besides, I know she’s always on my side - whatever life may dice across the table.

Prisi – I really don’t know what we share but Prisi is always in my thoughts no matter what. She is thoroughbred philanthropist who can practically give away anything, no kidding! One of the hottest and prettiest women out there, she is a storyteller’s dream, spinning stories after stories with an ease that’s enrapturing. I must say Mayo and Rajasthan would never have been the same without Baisa tales! I am so glad she’s followed her heart through all the adversities to pursue her first love – Wildlife. In a nutshell, she’s a tough cookie and one of my dearest friends!

Rashmi – Rashu and I have had seen some great times – by that I mean, really great times. You know, like measuring the height of a sapling in a pitch-dark rainy night with an umbrella!!! Gross! But what the heck, we did have loads of fun. All I can say I won’t have been a graduate without Ms. Bhatt. The only other “non-scinecee” on the block. And as fate would have it, Rashu ALWAYS ends up treating me and ALWAYS ends up cribbing about that! And she also always gives me a lot of clothes :) Honestly, She's taken care of me like her own child. And before I forget, she’s got REALLY pretty big eyes, which I am SO jealous of!

Kanika! – I couldn’t have mentioned her name without exclaiming. Niks is just too much spunk for anyone! Truly a woman with oodles of oomph! Niks’ world is one straight road. She is just in your face – love it or hate it. Yet, I know the softie inside – she’s one protective figure in my life and will always remain so.

Divs – This babe I surely have some past-life connection with. We clicked the moment we set our eyes upon each other. MBA classes were a ball with her. Delhi winters and Agrawal sweets – both remind me of her. Divya is someone I never have to make efforts to reach out to. She’s always there somewhere – lurking in my thoughts and beyond.

Sherry – How do I put it? My polar opposite? Serry's a cat - cool, absolulety cool. Princessly and how! Very righteous. Very opinionated. Very particular. Very loyal. Very stylish. VERY GIVING. She's there for everyone by default. Little things matter for Sharon than big ones. I love bugging her :)
Ruchi – Okay, this is a really cool 'mathematics' chic. When I would so struggle with those numbers running across my face, Ruch would be like SO COOL at all that Math and Physics nonsense that ( now obvious) din't make any sense to me! Our friendship goes back to school. Her belief in me has given me strenth in my lowest moments. Thanks babes!

Prachi – My first boss. I owe most of my work ethics to her. One hell of a manager, working for Prachi will always be such a pleasure. I know she hated my laziness but I guess Garfield is up and about now. Thanks Prachi for everything that I have learnt from you :)

Aditi’s Mom – Coz she taught me how to accept a gift with the grace that can make someone’s day!Apart from these there are SO MANY more names. Gudi, Durga, Nammu, Sona, Lati, Chittoo, Maha, Sammy, Purva - Hah!
I want to write about so many of them who are so dear to me! I wish I had more time and patience (and space here!).

07 September 2006

Khool Cats!


Suds – My brother. That's enough introduction! Okay ..Okay... how do I put it? He is me. That's it.

Shiv – How can I even begin! :)

Simon – My prof in MICA, Simon was a LIVING STORM. Mad Mad Mad. He is no more and I will curse myself for the rest of my life for not listening to my inner voice, which repeatedly told me to go see him :( I will always be sorry. But I must say I loved him dearly and I wish he was a happier man.

Dates – Conversations with Dates can be virtually endless - Music, Stories, Design, Cats, Dogs, Poe, Shopping, Bitching, Porn...Phew! He's a woman's man!A blue-blooded whakoid. One guy who has the coolest collection of posters and T-shirts and whose style quotient just SO matches mine. Let's say we make a kickass team! P.S. - He's also my chocolate binging buddy!

Amod – My first love and a darling of a friend :) My heart just goes out to him. I always will want him to do well in life. The only person who can take me for granted and is still so adorable to me!

Anand – He is the peace and calm that people seldom manage to experience in their lives. Anand is always happy, always wears a smile on his face. It’s nice to have someone whose name, when blinks on your phone, is enough to bring a smile all over.

Viks – Hmm... I know he truly loves me. He's one guys who's been at the receiving end of all my tantrums and mood swings :) And yet I know that he's always going to be around for me even if I do it for next 200 years to him. He is also the 'official' madman of every party worth its weight in salt! So please, wear your protective gears.

Satyajit – I think he likes me coz i always call him by his full name and not Satz like almost everyone! :D I started out as HATING him but he's been a steady presence in my life. He calls himself an anarchist but he's a friend I know I can count on. P.S. he's got the lovelist handwriting. I'm jealous!

Ritesh – I met him in probably what was worst time of my life until now. What I received from him was so much of compassion and warmth. Effortlessly. One of the highest-ranking men in my diary of cute quotient. No wonder I had a tini-wini crush on him. He exudes so much warth. It's not possible to not get affected. Love you:)


Ron – Haven’t met him but I am sure he wears a white robe and has a halo around his head! As if putting up with my dear friend wasn’t enough, he’s now marrying her! But seriuosly Ron you make her so happy! God Bless you.

Gaping Void