07 September 2006

Khool Cats!


Suds – My brother. That's enough introduction! Okay ..Okay... how do I put it? He is me. That's it.

Shiv – How can I even begin! :)

Simon – My prof in MICA, Simon was a LIVING STORM. Mad Mad Mad. He is no more and I will curse myself for the rest of my life for not listening to my inner voice, which repeatedly told me to go see him :( I will always be sorry. But I must say I loved him dearly and I wish he was a happier man.

Dates – Conversations with Dates can be virtually endless - Music, Stories, Design, Cats, Dogs, Poe, Shopping, Bitching, Porn...Phew! He's a woman's man!A blue-blooded whakoid. One guy who has the coolest collection of posters and T-shirts and whose style quotient just SO matches mine. Let's say we make a kickass team! P.S. - He's also my chocolate binging buddy!

Amod – My first love and a darling of a friend :) My heart just goes out to him. I always will want him to do well in life. The only person who can take me for granted and is still so adorable to me!

Anand – He is the peace and calm that people seldom manage to experience in their lives. Anand is always happy, always wears a smile on his face. It’s nice to have someone whose name, when blinks on your phone, is enough to bring a smile all over.

Viks – Hmm... I know he truly loves me. He's one guys who's been at the receiving end of all my tantrums and mood swings :) And yet I know that he's always going to be around for me even if I do it for next 200 years to him. He is also the 'official' madman of every party worth its weight in salt! So please, wear your protective gears.

Satyajit – I think he likes me coz i always call him by his full name and not Satz like almost everyone! :D I started out as HATING him but he's been a steady presence in my life. He calls himself an anarchist but he's a friend I know I can count on. P.S. he's got the lovelist handwriting. I'm jealous!

Ritesh – I met him in probably what was worst time of my life until now. What I received from him was so much of compassion and warmth. Effortlessly. One of the highest-ranking men in my diary of cute quotient. No wonder I had a tini-wini crush on him. He exudes so much warth. It's not possible to not get affected. Love you:)


Ron – Haven’t met him but I am sure he wears a white robe and has a halo around his head! As if putting up with my dear friend wasn’t enough, he’s now marrying her! But seriuosly Ron you make her so happy! God Bless you.

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Anonymous said...

Ron still wears white robe and prays to his God for Princess every day.

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