17 September 2008

Wisdom, thy name is blogging

Couple of things Her Highness has learnt lately.
Methinks it's a good idea for her to convert this to a to-do list:
  1. Take life with a pinch of salt
  2. Wait and Watch
  3. Truth isn't what it looks like most times
  4. Every action has a good intention behind it (the queen shall elaborate on this later for for lesser mortals)
  5. Listening to one's heart is a good idea when you don't know what to do

And most importantly,

6. that she's right: communication IS the key to most problems.

Feeling a bit better I am...

11 September 2008

It makes me sad to write this but it's the truth I guess.
And I must accept it.
I have spent three years in this city, and today when I am down, and feeling so low, there's not a soul in this city I can take for granted.
536 contacts in my phonebook
facebook shows 98
i use msn, yahoo, gtalk and skype

I miss Anand - who always manages to bring smile on my face with his calming voice
I miss Ritesh - who was always ready with a warm hug when i needed it the most
I miss Gudi - and here never-ending advices
I miss Ruks - who always manages to understand exactly how I am feeling
Data - who will convince me that eating chocolate is the best thing one can do to oneself

I don't know how to manage, really....

Gaping Void