25 August 2007


Some days are long. They begin and just go on. Night falls but takes away a part of you with morning. It feels hollow. I miss some people. People is it? I miss something. I miss my freedom. That freedom, which was two rooms away, or somewhere right there... in that corner on the left. I have all means of communication possible in the modern world. And yet I cannot connect. A phone rings in a distant place and that's all I hear.

What is making me unhappy? Something that does not lend itself to physicality. I can feel it but it does not show itself to me. I have people who love me and yet, it seems so far away.What do I want? Something. Something, I am sure. But what? what is it that's eluding me? I am tired, very tired. I have beem running after it not knowing what is it, where is it. But I know it's there. How much more desperate do I have to be to know it.

I remember what Ruks told me long long time ago: "You don't want it bad enough."
I do Ruks, this time I do.

05 August 2007

Shopping Time!

Well...I think red nail paint is one of the best things money can buy.
One of the shortest cuts to feel like a diva on a rainy day.
Needless to say all this gyan is the result of my weekend nailpaint shopping.

I tried most brands across the counter and I think streetwear has the best stuff.
They have the neatest shades, and since I am not to glitterey a person, I freaked on their matt range.

And also, they're affordable! So until I find a stupid lovestruck RICH NRI (or a musician :P) for myself, I dont think I'd like to blow up my hard-earned money on those Page 3 prices.

I picked three shades:

Fiery Femme (No 18 Streetwear) MRP: Rs 50

Happy Hour Ritu Beri (No D222 Lakme) MRP: Rs. 65

Happy Hour Ritu Beri (No D518Lakme) MRP: Rs. 65

And then... I bought myself something I've been trying to lay my hands on for ages... A CHERRY RED LIPSTICK!!

Well, it's rather difficult to explain the root cause of the divine excitement it can cause to mere mortals, but it's Cool!

Hmm... nice work, girl :)

And beore I forget, since we are on the topic of shopping... my new shoes laydies!

They are these phurrrfect tiny heels that I can wear to work!
They go pretty well with anything - skirt, jeans, Indianwear...
Ah, not bad!

Gaping Void