27 July 2007

Back Back Back!

Well, long time.
So many reasons that I can start a new blog on that. (Who's reading this anyway! :D)
So, finally when my internet is working here's a lowdown of my life in the past fotnight:

1. The PCO sonography came normal. I am better than what I was last year according to the reports. And well... that's another story that I need to lose 5Kgs in three months! But I'm happy to know I'm better...so that.

2. I got a promotion... well, it felt weird to get one coz seriuosly I don't know what to make out of other people telling me I'm doing my job well..but then..I don't mind making some extra bucks.

3. I HATE doing celebrity events and I hate Arnab Goswami! (Go figure!)

07 July 2007

Brow Bloopers

Ok, so I wasn't too well for sometime, and as probably happens to any bedridden woman, my eyebrows looked sicker than me!

So one fine evening I decided to give them a life too (and get one myself in the process!)
As fate would have it, my cat's (OK she'll be adressed by her cat name from now on - Nattu) food had got over and it had been pouring, so the food guy said he can't come.

Since the poor girl was anyway on the verge of finishing her last palettes, someone (guess who?) had to go and fetch her food. So I had strict instructions from my otherwise I'll-throw-Nattu-out-of-this-house mom to get her food quickly.

But like said, my eyebrows were my prime motive to go out, I set out. It was 7 pm on a rainy day when I reached my prissy parlour, which I hate coz for some godforesaken reason the parlour lady insists on calling me baaabyy... whatever!

So I sat in that chair and she uttered her usual first words - "baby catch." (which in her Bandra English means I should 'hold' my brows so she can thread them.) And as fate would have it yet again (!) no sooner did she finish doing my right eye brow, the electricity went off!!

Now, for the benefit of my non-Mumbai readers, a significant amount and number of forces need to come together for the electricity to go off like that in Bombay, and that too in the posh place that I stay in. It's only off late that Bombay has started sharing the same status a the rest of India in this regard.

Coming back to my plight, not only did the electricity go off, that smart woman smiles at me lovingly and says, "Come tomorrow baby, I'll do the other one also."

And I was like, "What??? Are you crazy? You want me to go out looking like this??" "What to do baby, no light I have", she replies. "Here it is Synthia!", a voice said from inside.

After 5 minutes, during which she decided that there's still some hope since it was twilight and pulling a chair out in the open, I found something burning next to my cheeks. I opened my eyes to see the wretched candle right NEXt to my eye. Well, I didn't expect myself to react like that, but the next thing I know was the candle was on the ground...

I was like, God...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Then finally after giving my grey cells a good run, I asked her to use the Mobile light to clean up my other eyebrow. Smart ehh?

And if you think this is it, I opened my eyes to a lot of strange face looking at me, forming a curious circle around me - the watchman, some servamt-type character, Garcia's delivery boy, one chotu kid and a chiawalah.

P.s - I still found the cat food shop open.

Gaping Void