26 September 2007

Only thing to lose is weight?

So there I go again with weighty issues.
But not to miss the wonderful reason this time.

35 people from Danceworx will go to Delhi in December.
People as in 'good dancers'.

So I think to be able to be a good dancer I must tone up.
And NO, fat people do NOT make good dancers!

They want to look smashing but love handles are the only smashing things on their bodies, with jiggling tummy next in line. Arrrghh....

So there... and in the end even if I do not make it to Delhi I would have only my weight to lose, and I will definitely be a beter dancer!

OK - I know i'll feel terrible if I don't make it :(

16 September 2007


...is also DANCE.
Dance as in Street Jazz...
And street jazz with none other than Ashley Lobo who founded Danceworx and one of the leading dancers in India. Hmm not bad, eh?

I have ALWAYS wanted to learn with Ashley and these classes are one of the best things to have happened to me!

Let's just say I'm happy. Can't say the same about my muscles though :)

08 September 2007


sometimes is a fluffy kitten and some sunshine...

06 September 2007

I am sorry, Mr Sanghvi...

I did something yesterday that will upset Mr. (Vir) Sanghvi gravely.
I went for dinner with my mom to this place (with lovely food) called Harmony.

What I ended up eating will not go down very well with any self-respecting food writer.
My regular pasta salad was of course the first on the list.
Simce mama wanted to have Indian, we decided to order stuffed kulchas with daal makhanwala.
And since I was eating out after a long(...er-ish) time, I just had to order risotto.

Every thing was fine until we realised that mom wanted to have rice and we were too full to order any more steamed rice. What she simply did was to serve herself some risotto and GENEROUSLY POURED THE DAAL ON IT.

Well, after making close to 153 faces, I decided what the heck!... nobody is watching me (not Mr. Sanghvi particularly!) , and tried some from her plate and viola!! Not bad!

And the rest is history.

Well, on that note, Mr. Sanghvi should dine with my father some day.

Gaping Void