19 July 2009

Let the affair begin...

22 October 2008

Losing It!

The weight I mean...
Have not really been blogging off late (so what's new?) but for the uninitiated, i have been trying really hard to shed extra pounds that I have managed to accumulate in past two years.

After numerous tries and attempts to lose those extra kgs in gyms, dance classes and what nots, I finally realised I do need to give up some of my beloved food :(

But thanks to Suddhu, he convinced me I can't (and shouldn't) do it on my own.
Ffffine! I said and dragged myself to all the weight-loss clinics in Bandra.
(Okay... he agreed to accompany me)

So there I scouted through Bandra lanes to look for that puurfect clinic that had the right feel. Don't ask! As a by product, Kaya people still haunt me to join their 1ok-a-month-have-to-visit-the-clinic-twice-a-week package!! Bitches!

So finally, I zeroed in on Anjali Mukherjee's 'Health Total'. I think one of the main motivators was the fact that they did not want me to write down details of every single morsel I consumed like others!

What happened after that... I shall resume typing in a bit.. (Shiv... u read that :P)

17 September 2008

Wisdom, thy name is blogging

Couple of things Her Highness has learnt lately.
Methinks it's a good idea for her to convert this to a to-do list:
  1. Take life with a pinch of salt
  2. Wait and Watch
  3. Truth isn't what it looks like most times
  4. Every action has a good intention behind it (the queen shall elaborate on this later for for lesser mortals)
  5. Listening to one's heart is a good idea when you don't know what to do

And most importantly,

6. that she's right: communication IS the key to most problems.

Feeling a bit better I am...

11 September 2008

It makes me sad to write this but it's the truth I guess.
And I must accept it.
I have spent three years in this city, and today when I am down, and feeling so low, there's not a soul in this city I can take for granted.
536 contacts in my phonebook
facebook shows 98
i use msn, yahoo, gtalk and skype

I miss Anand - who always manages to bring smile on my face with his calming voice
I miss Ritesh - who was always ready with a warm hug when i needed it the most
I miss Gudi - and here never-ending advices
I miss Ruks - who always manages to understand exactly how I am feeling
Data - who will convince me that eating chocolate is the best thing one can do to oneself

I don't know how to manage, really....

21 July 2008


I had the MOST AMAZING massage of my life this weekend!
(Though it cost me a whopping 460 bucks! )

That woman, I swear, had SUCH a healing touch. The pressure was just perfect and there were muscles in my body and points on my head, which I never realised were so tired!

10 July 2008

Shiv is right.

I conclude W.A.Y too quickly.

20 June 2008

Down Down Down

is how I feel...
I can't wait to feel better.
Blah Blah Blah
I all I hear
Why is everyone the way they are?
Or is it just me who cannot bear?
Tiny morsels of life are scattered around me
Is it possible to pick each piece and move elsewhere?


17 June 2008


Damn this cowd.
I can'd thype... I can'd see... and moreovah I sounddh like dis...
Beed sneezigg... sineezzing and thad's all!..
Damn this sidus... Id's two id the nide and i can'd even sleep!

11 June 2008

Yah right? Now I need a title for my misery!

I learnt today that somethings can't be learnt.
How does one fight desire? Knowing what you want is not worth chasing? What is love?

I also learnt that I can't play mind games.
So i will not try. I am just going to be.

I wished for inspiration to write on my blog. Looks like I got material for a book!

On the 'brighter' side, I feel like Woody Allen.
How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?

09 June 2008


Don't ask me why?
I just thought it sounds better than 'back!'
So, here I am in all hopes to be regular here. Actually now that I think I do have a reason why I stopped. My comp in the office just wouldn't let me post!
Due to some odd attack of boredom I tried blogger again, and voila!

Let's hope things and people keep inspiring me to write :)
Actually someone did. Will tell you the story when I am less sleepy.

(Please bear with this sudden attack of Spanish !)

06 June 2008



16 January 2008


I can feel each muscle in my body!
My legs are shaking as I walk.
Dance... is not going to be easy!

But the good part is: I am not going to give up this one time!

23 November 2007

Why does it happen to me ?

18 November 2007

I had a super day

Durga is back is my life and I'm EXTREMELY kicked about it!
I must confess I really missed her!
Regular calls, mails and IM, and good life - that's Dugi...

Ruks called today (to ask about my 'reproductive system') - we both are doing fine it seems :)
Been a good day.

I got a brand new haircut by Karma. She so super that it's almost like magic! But the haircut rates are now 600 bucks - that hurt! I also got manicure done with a bright pink nailpaint. My manicure sssions always make me feel unwomanly. I guess I have that gene missing that's coded with the info that one has to wait after a nailpaint session. I am all over the place, and needless to say I spoilt the paint for my right hand.

Another funny bit: my sweetheart generously offered me free cosmetic shopping.
Just when I was going through a virtual Chambor catalogue, he says, "Don't worry, it's on me - 500 bucks!!!"
For a secong I didn't know if I were to feel bad for me or him.
I am sure the poor guy does not know the world of cosmetics yet.
Few things marriage teaches men I believe... sigh...

Until then, let me rack my brains as to what exactly I can buy in 500 bucks: why waste money, you see... :)

17 November 2007


What you're going to read now is a mail that a friend's friend wrote to him.
Seems there is still hope for this world.

Ive been in rough shape for a REALLY long time, and still havent lost faith.I have no home of my own in georgia, or my own vehicle, ever since myex the one i was to marry screwed me over my life has been up and
down.... but it WILL get better...keep your head up buddy and lose it all, but NEVER your faith!

Gaping Void