11 June 2008

Yah right? Now I need a title for my misery!

I learnt today that somethings can't be learnt.
How does one fight desire? Knowing what you want is not worth chasing? What is love?

I also learnt that I can't play mind games.
So i will not try. I am just going to be.

I wished for inspiration to write on my blog. Looks like I got material for a book!

On the 'brighter' side, I feel like Woody Allen.
How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?


Purple said...

wait! dont mean to take away from the sucky situation you're in, but i have to ask this. and please bewarned, this is probably not in good taste at all but then again, its 4:34 AM and i havent yet slept. so my question for you: are you implying you have a step-son somewhere that you have been lusting after?

Venusberg said...

Hahhha... well though I hate the way it's put but I guess if this were worded sophistically, I would have said yes.

Which, does not change the situation drastically, does it?

Purple said...

no, it does not, re. awwww... will a hug make things (slightly) better? hugs!!!

take care

Venusberg said...

Hmm... well dunno bout things becoming better, but a hug is always good :)

Anonymous said...

You're BACK!!!!! I am so glad.

Your secret admirer.

Venusberg said...

Ruks... is that you? *frown*

Gaping Void