09 June 2008


Don't ask me why?
I just thought it sounds better than 'back!'
So, here I am in all hopes to be regular here. Actually now that I think I do have a reason why I stopped. My comp in the office just wouldn't let me post!
Due to some odd attack of boredom I tried blogger again, and voila!

Let's hope things and people keep inspiring me to write :)
Actually someone did. Will tell you the story when I am less sleepy.

(Please bear with this sudden attack of Spanish !)


truthdude said...

hey..still alive and kicking then! im glad :)

meet up, call up...whatever and whenever but sooner the better. yes?

Purple said...

spanish, english, french, english, spanish....

(waiting for more, ms. linguist!) ;)

Venusberg said...

Aww shucks! Have been using that word for the longest time without remembering it belongs to a different world! :)

Gaping Void