23 November 2007

Why does it happen to me ?

18 November 2007

I had a super day

Durga is back is my life and I'm EXTREMELY kicked about it!
I must confess I really missed her!
Regular calls, mails and IM, and good life - that's Dugi...

Ruks called today (to ask about my 'reproductive system') - we both are doing fine it seems :)
Been a good day.

I got a brand new haircut by Karma. She so super that it's almost like magic! But the haircut rates are now 600 bucks - that hurt! I also got manicure done with a bright pink nailpaint. My manicure sssions always make me feel unwomanly. I guess I have that gene missing that's coded with the info that one has to wait after a nailpaint session. I am all over the place, and needless to say I spoilt the paint for my right hand.

Another funny bit: my sweetheart generously offered me free cosmetic shopping.
Just when I was going through a virtual Chambor catalogue, he says, "Don't worry, it's on me - 500 bucks!!!"
For a secong I didn't know if I were to feel bad for me or him.
I am sure the poor guy does not know the world of cosmetics yet.
Few things marriage teaches men I believe... sigh...

Until then, let me rack my brains as to what exactly I can buy in 500 bucks: why waste money, you see... :)

17 November 2007


What you're going to read now is a mail that a friend's friend wrote to him.
Seems there is still hope for this world.

Ive been in rough shape for a REALLY long time, and still havent lost faith.I have no home of my own in georgia, or my own vehicle, ever since myex the one i was to marry screwed me over my life has been up and
down.... but it WILL get better...keep your head up buddy and lose it all, but NEVER your faith!

13 November 2007


My blog will soon start sounding self-obsessive.
But this is what happens when one is lonely perhaps.

I've been pretty unhappy about some things lately, some people... should I say?
I've been thinking as to why.
What happens actually is when you (read I) are lonely, you tend to compromise. There are somethimes these pangs - of going out, of watching a movie, or just talking to somebody. Your friends are not around and you have to make do with what you have, which is usually sucky. By sucky I do not mean really sucky, I mean as compared to people you are used to being friends with, these guys, just kind of... well.. suck.
But since you are so lonely (read desperate), you don't mind hanging around them. Even sometimes sucking up so much in the process that you discover a side of you that perhaps Madam Curie could have taken as radium - it's so alien and unlike anything you've known yourself to be.
And what happens one fine day that one of these people just stands up and says something in such a ridiculously nasty manner, that you don't feel pissed, you feel stupid!
And may be sad coz you know that on a perfectly normal sunny day, these guys won't have had a chance in your life, but here you are listening to their smart alec-y- comments and wondering if it was loneliness or myopia that made you overlook certain things in a person.

Well, the point is, it happened to me today and I feel like a jerk.

12 November 2007

Sometimes life is not fair.
And at such times I feel very lonely...

Gaping Void