23 November 2007

Why does it happen to me ?

18 November 2007

I had a super day

Durga is back is my life and I'm EXTREMELY kicked about it!
I must confess I really missed her!
Regular calls, mails and IM, and good life - that's Dugi...

Ruks called today (to ask about my 'reproductive system') - we both are doing fine it seems :)
Been a good day.

I got a brand new haircut by Karma. She so super that it's almost like magic! But the haircut rates are now 600 bucks - that hurt! I also got manicure done with a bright pink nailpaint. My manicure sssions always make me feel unwomanly. I guess I have that gene missing that's coded with the info that one has to wait after a nailpaint session. I am all over the place, and needless to say I spoilt the paint for my right hand.

Another funny bit: my sweetheart generously offered me free cosmetic shopping.
Just when I was going through a virtual Chambor catalogue, he says, "Don't worry, it's on me - 500 bucks!!!"
For a secong I didn't know if I were to feel bad for me or him.
I am sure the poor guy does not know the world of cosmetics yet.
Few things marriage teaches men I believe... sigh...

Until then, let me rack my brains as to what exactly I can buy in 500 bucks: why waste money, you see... :)

17 November 2007


What you're going to read now is a mail that a friend's friend wrote to him.
Seems there is still hope for this world.

Ive been in rough shape for a REALLY long time, and still havent lost faith.I have no home of my own in georgia, or my own vehicle, ever since myex the one i was to marry screwed me over my life has been up and
down.... but it WILL get better...keep your head up buddy and lose it all, but NEVER your faith!

13 November 2007


My blog will soon start sounding self-obsessive.
But this is what happens when one is lonely perhaps.

I've been pretty unhappy about some things lately, some people... should I say?
I've been thinking as to why.
What happens actually is when you (read I) are lonely, you tend to compromise. There are somethimes these pangs - of going out, of watching a movie, or just talking to somebody. Your friends are not around and you have to make do with what you have, which is usually sucky. By sucky I do not mean really sucky, I mean as compared to people you are used to being friends with, these guys, just kind of... well.. suck.
But since you are so lonely (read desperate), you don't mind hanging around them. Even sometimes sucking up so much in the process that you discover a side of you that perhaps Madam Curie could have taken as radium - it's so alien and unlike anything you've known yourself to be.
And what happens one fine day that one of these people just stands up and says something in such a ridiculously nasty manner, that you don't feel pissed, you feel stupid!
And may be sad coz you know that on a perfectly normal sunny day, these guys won't have had a chance in your life, but here you are listening to their smart alec-y- comments and wondering if it was loneliness or myopia that made you overlook certain things in a person.

Well, the point is, it happened to me today and I feel like a jerk.

12 November 2007

Sometimes life is not fair.
And at such times I feel very lonely...

26 September 2007

Only thing to lose is weight?

So there I go again with weighty issues.
But not to miss the wonderful reason this time.

35 people from Danceworx will go to Delhi in December.
People as in 'good dancers'.

So I think to be able to be a good dancer I must tone up.
And NO, fat people do NOT make good dancers!

They want to look smashing but love handles are the only smashing things on their bodies, with jiggling tummy next in line. Arrrghh....

So there... and in the end even if I do not make it to Delhi I would have only my weight to lose, and I will definitely be a beter dancer!

OK - I know i'll feel terrible if I don't make it :(

16 September 2007


...is also DANCE.
Dance as in Street Jazz...
And street jazz with none other than Ashley Lobo who founded Danceworx and one of the leading dancers in India. Hmm not bad, eh?

I have ALWAYS wanted to learn with Ashley and these classes are one of the best things to have happened to me!

Let's just say I'm happy. Can't say the same about my muscles though :)

08 September 2007


sometimes is a fluffy kitten and some sunshine...

06 September 2007

I am sorry, Mr Sanghvi...

I did something yesterday that will upset Mr. (Vir) Sanghvi gravely.
I went for dinner with my mom to this place (with lovely food) called Harmony.

What I ended up eating will not go down very well with any self-respecting food writer.
My regular pasta salad was of course the first on the list.
Simce mama wanted to have Indian, we decided to order stuffed kulchas with daal makhanwala.
And since I was eating out after a long(...er-ish) time, I just had to order risotto.

Every thing was fine until we realised that mom wanted to have rice and we were too full to order any more steamed rice. What she simply did was to serve herself some risotto and GENEROUSLY POURED THE DAAL ON IT.

Well, after making close to 153 faces, I decided what the heck!... nobody is watching me (not Mr. Sanghvi particularly!) , and tried some from her plate and viola!! Not bad!

And the rest is history.

Well, on that note, Mr. Sanghvi should dine with my father some day.

25 August 2007


Some days are long. They begin and just go on. Night falls but takes away a part of you with morning. It feels hollow. I miss some people. People is it? I miss something. I miss my freedom. That freedom, which was two rooms away, or somewhere right there... in that corner on the left. I have all means of communication possible in the modern world. And yet I cannot connect. A phone rings in a distant place and that's all I hear.

What is making me unhappy? Something that does not lend itself to physicality. I can feel it but it does not show itself to me. I have people who love me and yet, it seems so far away.What do I want? Something. Something, I am sure. But what? what is it that's eluding me? I am tired, very tired. I have beem running after it not knowing what is it, where is it. But I know it's there. How much more desperate do I have to be to know it.

I remember what Ruks told me long long time ago: "You don't want it bad enough."
I do Ruks, this time I do.

05 August 2007

Shopping Time!

Well...I think red nail paint is one of the best things money can buy.
One of the shortest cuts to feel like a diva on a rainy day.
Needless to say all this gyan is the result of my weekend nailpaint shopping.

I tried most brands across the counter and I think streetwear has the best stuff.
They have the neatest shades, and since I am not to glitterey a person, I freaked on their matt range.

And also, they're affordable! So until I find a stupid lovestruck RICH NRI (or a musician :P) for myself, I dont think I'd like to blow up my hard-earned money on those Page 3 prices.

I picked three shades:

Fiery Femme (No 18 Streetwear) MRP: Rs 50

Happy Hour Ritu Beri (No D222 Lakme) MRP: Rs. 65

Happy Hour Ritu Beri (No D518Lakme) MRP: Rs. 65

And then... I bought myself something I've been trying to lay my hands on for ages... A CHERRY RED LIPSTICK!!

Well, it's rather difficult to explain the root cause of the divine excitement it can cause to mere mortals, but it's Cool!

Hmm... nice work, girl :)

And beore I forget, since we are on the topic of shopping... my new shoes laydies!

They are these phurrrfect tiny heels that I can wear to work!
They go pretty well with anything - skirt, jeans, Indianwear...
Ah, not bad!

27 July 2007

Back Back Back!

Well, long time.
So many reasons that I can start a new blog on that. (Who's reading this anyway! :D)
So, finally when my internet is working here's a lowdown of my life in the past fotnight:

1. The PCO sonography came normal. I am better than what I was last year according to the reports. And well... that's another story that I need to lose 5Kgs in three months! But I'm happy to know I'm better...so that.

2. I got a promotion... well, it felt weird to get one coz seriuosly I don't know what to make out of other people telling me I'm doing my job well..but then..I don't mind making some extra bucks.

3. I HATE doing celebrity events and I hate Arnab Goswami! (Go figure!)

07 July 2007

Brow Bloopers

Ok, so I wasn't too well for sometime, and as probably happens to any bedridden woman, my eyebrows looked sicker than me!

So one fine evening I decided to give them a life too (and get one myself in the process!)
As fate would have it, my cat's (OK she'll be adressed by her cat name from now on - Nattu) food had got over and it had been pouring, so the food guy said he can't come.

Since the poor girl was anyway on the verge of finishing her last palettes, someone (guess who?) had to go and fetch her food. So I had strict instructions from my otherwise I'll-throw-Nattu-out-of-this-house mom to get her food quickly.

But like said, my eyebrows were my prime motive to go out, I set out. It was 7 pm on a rainy day when I reached my prissy parlour, which I hate coz for some godforesaken reason the parlour lady insists on calling me baaabyy... whatever!

So I sat in that chair and she uttered her usual first words - "baby catch." (which in her Bandra English means I should 'hold' my brows so she can thread them.) And as fate would have it yet again (!) no sooner did she finish doing my right eye brow, the electricity went off!!

Now, for the benefit of my non-Mumbai readers, a significant amount and number of forces need to come together for the electricity to go off like that in Bombay, and that too in the posh place that I stay in. It's only off late that Bombay has started sharing the same status a the rest of India in this regard.

Coming back to my plight, not only did the electricity go off, that smart woman smiles at me lovingly and says, "Come tomorrow baby, I'll do the other one also."

And I was like, "What??? Are you crazy? You want me to go out looking like this??" "What to do baby, no light I have", she replies. "Here it is Synthia!", a voice said from inside.

After 5 minutes, during which she decided that there's still some hope since it was twilight and pulling a chair out in the open, I found something burning next to my cheeks. I opened my eyes to see the wretched candle right NEXt to my eye. Well, I didn't expect myself to react like that, but the next thing I know was the candle was on the ground...

I was like, God...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Then finally after giving my grey cells a good run, I asked her to use the Mobile light to clean up my other eyebrow. Smart ehh?

And if you think this is it, I opened my eyes to a lot of strange face looking at me, forming a curious circle around me - the watchman, some servamt-type character, Garcia's delivery boy, one chotu kid and a chiawalah.

P.s - I still found the cat food shop open.

27 June 2007

Please 'Bare' with me!

On days when work is not so exciting, things like these make my day!
A mail from Tom, a journalistfrom London wrote this:


Please bare with me and I will send across the proposal by next week.


Needless to say I was in splits!
Ha hah!

16 May 2007

I luuuurve my job!

One of my good friends forwarded the following article in mint (the newspaper) to me:

Before this I considered him a good friend, and now... "What sort of friends forward you such things???" Anyway, over to the article.

As much as I would like to congratulate Parizaad, Sanjukta, Melissa and Malini on their efforts, I would seriously request them not to bring to light so much of happiness in the world - some (other not-so-fortunate) people (like me) might die of a stroke.

India's popluation was recorded a 1,095,351,995 in July 2006 est. (Source: Good-old Google). And I am happy out of these, 11 people are having a blast at their jobs. Quite impressive I tell you!

You reach office on a regular Monday morning, beating the blues. Sit at your table praying the week will not be as terrible as it smells from there. And lo! There comes this article in your inbox talking about certain 11 individuals who have jobs to die for... wow. Brilliant. Phurrfect.

Anyhow, still after half a day when my tender heart managed to survive the burn, my God-like-I-care half jotted this down:

Rahul Rao
Senior manager operations field, Eco Adventures

(Gosh...too much travelling and I don't know how I can put up with this. Tiring? I am sure.)

Madhu M.
Category head, Books, Landmark Ltd

(Hmm..Interesting but it's the same reason I didn't take English Hons. If it's my job to read books I think after a point I won't like it since I'm a very moody reader.)

Devika Anand
Senior programme producer, NDTV

(She says. "I think I'm the only person who goes to a spa and comes out stressed," The only time she got an off-the-job spa holiday was a gift from a friend. "I didn't have a very good time. I was constantly thinking of camera angles, and comparing the therapist's technique with the various other places I've been to," she laughs. - Explained!)

Alwyn D'Almeida
Team leader—quality control, Indiagames Ltd

(PUHLEEZ - 1. I work in a gaming company so I know how it works. 2. I am into PR these days so I know how its all jazzed up and 3. I's rather spend my day sleeping than playing a game!)

Shilpa Bhat
Chief workshop bear, The Build-a-Bear Workshop

(Umm...not sure about this one. Didn't make me envious at all. I don wanna be called a "Chief workshop bear" for heavens sake!)

Arun Kumar H.G
Toy designer, Iseo Chemdis Pvt. Ltd

(Hmm...OK may be I would have liked this but somehow this didn't break my heart so it's OK.)

Pooja Sathe
Dog groomer and trainer

(Hmm...how bout cats? Well I dunno of a cat that feels comforted with grooming but yeah i'd like to do it for Rag Dolls.)

Aditi Singh
Designer for Alex Davis Studios

( THIS IS THE ONE THAT MADE ME REALLY REALLY SAD. :( I wanna do this too and She's 27.)

John Fernandes
Location manager

(Yah, this one will be a cool job to do. But again, dealing with so many ppl. and this is not like a pre-prod in Venice etc for high-budget films, you know;. But yeah, I'll be honest, I don't mind doing this.)

Jeevan Kang
Senior vice-president, creative, Virgin Comics


Naresh Chaturvedi
Curator, Natural History Collections, Bombay Natural History Society

(AAAAAAAAA.....RUNNNNNNNN!!!!! Botany again!)

Needless to say my analysis made me feel better. Now there's only one other person whose job I'd like to kill for. Certainly better than having 11 of them.

Again, thanks mint. I had so much stuff to write for my blog. Do keep up the good work.

07 May 2007

It's over...

Today was one of those days that want to make you curl up and die.
It all started in the morning, last night, to be precise.

There is this man, who think my Mobile number is his private property. He will call as late as he desires in the night. In the interval of 2-3 months, for the past 6 months or so. Last night was perhaps when he missed me again and decided to call.

I have done everything I thought could dissuade him: not picking up, picking up and leaving the phone aside, screaming at him, threatening him - everything! Last night I decided I have had enough, of fear and the fact that I can't let anyone invade my private space like that.

I got up in the morning all groggy and irritable. Rubbed as much kohl in my eyes as I could but it didn't help. I looked like a swollen limb.

At 11 I went to the police station. I swear I was scared but I knew I had to do this. They heard me out and told me to go to another police thana that covers cases of the area I stay in. Bah! I felt. All my courage went down the drain.

It was one of rare moments of my life that make me feel like crying and laughing at the same time. I was happy that I could do it. It might sound stupid but I guess I am a simple day-t0-day girl who would want to stay away from the matters of police. I was sad coz I knew I will have to muster allmy courage again. I just wanted to run away from it all.

Another hour and my head was splitting. I decided to head home, or the police station rather. I was sleepy, tired and scared.

So there I was again, thinking if I was doing the right thing. Something in me said yes. Unfortunately the police guys in this place weren't half as co-operative as the previous ones. He saw me and started off in Marathi. It took him 15 mins to relise I am clueless. After he asked me in Hindi, told him about the call. He asked to call on that number and give the phone to him.

As I predicted, he did not take my call. The police guy registered a NC against that number and told me not to worry (hah! I was dying!). I thanked him and moved out.

I don't know why but I was trembling. I had tears in my eyes, I don't know why. All sorts of things were running in my head. What ifthe police comes home? What if he cooks up some story against me? What if this...what if that?

Finally I reached home and tried to sleep.

The worst was yet to come...

I was somehow finishing my office work from home.
I dunno how but I fucked up majorly at work!
I didn't exactly fucked up, some woman who was dealing with me on a quote lied and I thought I was simply out of the question to say things like , "She is lying," at the position I am, that too in front of my CEO. If I am heading the PR, it is my responsibility. So there I was taking it from all sides. I think I came out graceful but I felt like shit.

The blunder was a major one. The story had already gone to print. The damage was done.
I did learn some lessons but it didn't have to turn out so bad.

Finally at around 9ish I slept for a while. When I got up, I was dying of hunger. I ate something and tried to distract myself but I think I was still worried. at 11 I went for a walk and bought myself some pasta salad.

I am worried as I write this. Will he call again? I don't know. All I know was that I did the right thing and I will face what comes my way (at work too :)

I think I'll have my pasta now...I am glad this day is over.

03 May 2007

Back From Bangalore

Just came back from Bangalore.
Not sure what I like about the city.
Think the votes will go to Suddhu and Shiv.

The trip can be safely labelled as eventful.
Four days and the world went twirling around.

For those who don't know yet, Bangalore is where my 'sweetheart' (ahem!) stays and since I have been a complete brat about my unwillingness to travel, the trip was long overdue. But since he has been coming here rather regularly, I don't think I need to feel guilty. OK... I do!

Anyway, those were the less important things. What is to follow will hold supreme importance in the scheme of things (or so I safely believe.)

So, this Mr. Shiv is usually a clean person. So clean that your mornings will be marked by a half-hour thunder-like sounds of brushing, gargling, scrubbing and so on.... His clothes always smell neat. Tiniest of spots on his trousers make him sick.

This background will come in handy now. In Bangalore, I obviously stayed at his place. The 'place', as I entered the house, looked like it came out of hell or something. I hope I have told him that, else we'll have to say I am bitching... sigh...

So this place was UNTOUCHED since the time it was got and I will not hesitate to say it was rather a handful. Under normal circumstances love suffices but not in a house where the only clean spot is the bed ( with a dirty dusty brown rug at your feet.)

The owner must have been a really coulorful person since the house was painted in garish blues and greens...aaaarrgghh! But like a nice girl I breathed hard and mentally prepared myself for a good clean the next day. And oh, by the way, the water only shows it's face as early as six in the morning! So the people in that house will have to get up at six, drag themselves to a bath and go back to sleep again. Well...

So a significant part of my trip went in redoing the house, which I think looks smashing now. Loads of curtans and colouful cushion covers and some neat combination of bedsheets, and yes, my favourite Jaipuri razais did the trick. The house looks pretty now, more like kitschy, and even my superbly-critical brother approved of it (poof!).

So that was one of the major events.

Other, involved a lot of drama and balling on my part. My ususally black-cat-commandoish alert sweetheart forgot our bag in the auto (OK because of 'my' friend). I was balling my heart out.
Fuck the camera (OK that was Ruks'), the bag had my favourite pink shoes, a green top that fits me like a dream, my fav pair of jeans, my DOVE BODY SILK and my sunscreen!!

God! I have never felt such a sense of material loss. I think I was hollering right in the middle of a (deserted) street. Then began this long haul of getting the bag back and I really think it was my loud sobs that put everyone bang on action.

For once, I love technology! And I don't hate autowallas with Mobile phones. We finally got the bag back at 11: 30 pm in the night. Not to mention the endless scenarios that were discussed in the event of things going missing from the bag!

The last part was my trip back!

First, I am absolutely paranoid about reaching the airport in time. I hate having to run around at the last minute. My stomach was a mixer while the others were hogging and pouring Cafe Day coffees down their throats...huh!

Finally I said my byes and reached inside to find there was nobody at the counter to check passengers in. People who had flights before me were simply losing it. After yelling and screaming at all IA-looking people, we finally got a boarding pass (and I must say it looks dirty!)
My woes had just begun.

After passing the security check, I entered into this lounge, which looked like a railway station. There was no place to stand and I could hear a man screaming "But where the hell is the ground staff?" repeatedly. The scene was that IA had three consecutive flights boarding through the same gate. They were all late. There were no announcements. There was no ground staff. Fish!

I grabbed a corner since there was still time for my flight, and the next thing I saw was the same man standing on the sofa and yelling about the same thing over and over again. Within no time people started pushing at the boarding gates and I was like...Whhhaatt?? I really dint understand what they were tring to do - get on to the runway and board the planes on their own???

People were falling over each other with boarding passes flying in the air.

I simply made a call and told Shiv I might be coming back home.

Finally, the police had to be called and IA staff had to come and control the crowd and make them board respective flights. I still didn't understand the behavior of the crowd there. Like IA was going to fly people on the sly without announcing!

Anyway, finally our flight was announced and to everyone's surprise that same man was to board my flight, which was anyway later! So he was just agitated about the fact that no announcements were made !??!! God! Beats me...

Then finally we boarded the aircraft. Soon the air-hostesses were spraying some aerosol - only to drive all the hidden mosquitoes out! Yuck! I had the last seat and I swear I could hear all the engine sounds from where I was. The plane was more than wobbly and landing and takeoff was an experince to savour!

God knows I've never been more scared on a flight! Finally we hit Mumbai at 11 (was supposed to be a 9:30 landing!). I collected my luggage only to find a kilometre-long line for autos... (you know you are in Mumbai!). Then the auto guy fucked up and I swear I dint know where I was in the middle of the night. Somehow I managed to direct him in the right direction and reached home at 12:30!

My Nattu cat sprang from the TV top and I thought wow! A second later I realised she was more interested in my suitcase. What a bitch of a cat!

But you know, I d still go over all of this just to see Shiv again :)

Gaping Void