22 October 2008

Losing It!

The weight I mean...
Have not really been blogging off late (so what's new?) but for the uninitiated, i have been trying really hard to shed extra pounds that I have managed to accumulate in past two years.

After numerous tries and attempts to lose those extra kgs in gyms, dance classes and what nots, I finally realised I do need to give up some of my beloved food :(

But thanks to Suddhu, he convinced me I can't (and shouldn't) do it on my own.
Ffffine! I said and dragged myself to all the weight-loss clinics in Bandra.
(Okay... he agreed to accompany me)

So there I scouted through Bandra lanes to look for that puurfect clinic that had the right feel. Don't ask! As a by product, Kaya people still haunt me to join their 1ok-a-month-have-to-visit-the-clinic-twice-a-week package!! Bitches!

So finally, I zeroed in on Anjali Mukherjee's 'Health Total'. I think one of the main motivators was the fact that they did not want me to write down details of every single morsel I consumed like others!

What happened after that... I shall resume typing in a bit.. (Shiv... u read that :P)


Sharon said...

I'm sure Shiv isn't the only one who is waiting for the typing to resume :P


Anonymous said...

How would I know? :P...
You light up my laptop screen! *Hugs*


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